Each batch of coffee comes from the farm of a small producer who has received a fairer payment than the market is used to, this being our way of honoring their work. By telling the story of who produces it in the package, we connect you with the hands that lovingly take care of every detail in the coffee plantation so that you receive a coffee that awakens you, at the same time that it makes you dream. These producers and producers also have the assurance that their coffee is roasted with all quality standards to achieve a unique product. There is a story behind every cup of coffee. We want to tell you about it.


Coffee is grown in the Sierra de Neiba. Very good coffee. Some 600-odd small producers joined forces to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the national and international market with more force and intelligence. Being associated also allowed them to benefit from the democratization of credit and solidarity credit from the Danilo Medina government. They got 13 million pesos at an annual rate of 5%. With that money they improved the factory. In the country they sell to INDUBAN. They export to Italy. Although little is mentioned to them, in the Sierra de Neiba small producers are struggling to produce quality coffee.

In the Dominican Republic, not everything is white sand beach, Caribbean Sea and luxury resorts; coffee is also grown. Specifically on the natural border with Haiti: four mountain systems - the Central Cordillera, the Septentrional Cordillera, the Sierra de Neyba and the Sierra Bahoruco - far from the bustling capital of the country, Santo Domingo, in which there are neither resorts nor much less there are luxury.

There, since the first coffee plantations from Martinique arrived –the Dominicans say it was in 1735–, coffee has been the sustenance of many families

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