Each batch of coffee comes from the farm of a small producer who has received a fairer payment than the market is used to, this being our way of honoring their work. By telling the story of who produces it in the package, we connect you with the hands that lovingly take care of every detail in the coffee plantation so that you receive a coffee that awakens you, at the same time that it makes you dream. These producers and producers also have the assurance that their coffee is roasted with all quality standards to achieve a unique product. There is a story behind every cup of coffee. We want to tell you about it.


Café de mi tierra Dominicana was born from our passion for coffee and the Dominican Republic, we sought to merge our work with our great love for our country. We were developing a beautiful project which allowed us to know a lot about our island and its potential, in search of the perfect Dominican coffee bean. This project has given us the opportunity to learn about the coffee culture in the Dominican Republic and the hands of our fields that impregnate the coffee bean crops with tradition.

By collecting the best coffee beans from small producers, we were able to develop a high-quality specialty coffee. We surround ourselves with producers who are passionate about what they do and take care of their coffee plantations, thus obtaining a product that is the result of their effort and passion.

We receive the coffee as raw material, in green, and we roast the coffee with great delicacy and love. We want to give our people and the rest of the world the opportunity to know our coffees from the hand of small producers around our country who dedicate their lives to cultivating a high quality and freshness coffee, in order to represent our island as it deserves, in style.

100% local product. Harvested, processed and roasted in the Dominican Republic.


Our coffee comes from farms located between 900 to 1,300 meters above sea level, has a varied vegetation and a climate that maintains a permanent humidity habitat with fertile soil and ideal for growing coffee.

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